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Suskwa Sustainability Project
01 April 2010

suskwaThe Suskwa Sustainability Project has the task of compiling information on present land uses in the Suskwa to ensure that future development does not negatively effect the environment and delicate ecosystem.

Some of the land use areas and resources that the Suskwa Sustainability Project are interested in are:

• Fish and wildlife habitats

• Lax Yip - invasive plants, medicinal plants, plant species, forestry, etc.

• Culturally modified trees

• Historic traditional sites

• Wilp profiles


The Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs, on behalf of the nine watersheds, submitted a proposal to the Community Adjustment Fund (CAF). The Suskwa Watershed proposal was approved for funding. This was quite an achievement for the Gitxsan as the amount approved was a first!

The CAF funds are designated for the development of the Sustainable Watershed and all funding must be expended out as per the funding guidelines. These guidelines include regular monthly reports.