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Our Land

Natural Resources
17 March 2010
  • Most of the resources on Gitxsan territory are related to nature: trees, fish, animals, water, botanical products and the human knowledge associated with the management of these resources.
  • Major salmon-bearing rivers flow through the territory: the Upper and Mid Skeena, Upper Babine, Lower Bulkley, and Kispiox.
  • Facilities on the territory include several sawmills owned by outside interests and a couple of municipalities (New Hazelton, Hazelton).
  • B.C. provincial highways that run through the territory include Hwys 16, 37 & 62.
  • The Canadian National Railway line runs through the village gravesites of Kitwanga Village.
  • Five Gitxsan villages and two ancient Gitxsan villages can also be found on the territory.