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Gitxsan Culture
19 March 2010

Gitxsan CultureGitxsan culture is alive and well in the Gitxsan Territory.

Each Wilphl Gitxsan has its wealth - inherited assets that are real and not real - handed down from generation to generation forever, never diminished or extinguished. Wilnaatahl, lax yip, adaawx, ayook, limx oo'ii, waaim taa are all part of the Gwalyeinsxw held by the Wilp and Huwilp, and collectively as a nation.


The Gitxsan Language is an ancient language that continues to be taught and passed on to younger generations. It is a central part of Gitxsan culture and identity and it will continue to live on as it has since the time of our ancestors.

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Gitxsan Stories

Adaawx - Each wilphl Gitxsan has an oral history that recounts its peoples' creation and migration since the ice age. The adaawx attaches the wilphl Gitxsan to their lax yip. It also includes associated animal crests and symbols, limx oo'y (time immemorial songs), limx sinaahl (breath songs) and limx nox nok (spirit songs).

The Gitxsan governance system is taught continually from birth. Every child learns about their responsibilities to themselves, to family and to community. At a certain age, Gitxsan children are expected to exercise free will and they are given the opportunity to assume more responsibility. As

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Gitxsanimaax Language Family - Gitksen First Voice Archival Project FirstVoices is a group of web-based tools and services designed to support Aboriginal people engaged in language archiving, language teaching & culture revitalization. View http://www.firstvoices.com/en/home

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