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News Release - GDC and Brinkman Forest sign agreement on NTL Opportunities

News Release - GDC and Brinkman Forest sign agreement on NTL Opportunities
19 July 2012


Delta, BC – July 19, 2012 Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with well-known forester Brinkman Forests Ltd. (Brinkman) to clear and prepare 41 km of right-of-way for the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL), which traverses Skii km Lax Ha Nation.

The Contract for Clearing and Access Work, which was signed, with BC Hydro July 16, 2012 will see approximately 25 jobs created in harvesting, clearing, environmental monitoring, accounting, administration, and catering. The project is set to get underway in August.

“GDC’s role is to bring a business perspective on behalf of the Gitxsan people to economic development projects in the territory,” said Rick Connors, President and CEO, “we also expect to see on-going investment, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for Gitxsan people once the NTL is complete, enabling several mining projects in the region to proceed”.

“Brinkman is proud to be partnering with Gitxsan Development Corporation on the NTL project in the traditional territory of the Skii km Lax Ha Nation. It is an exciting project, creating ongoing opportunities for Gitxsan members and we are very honored and excited to be a part of it”, said Cathy Craig, General Manager of Brinkman.

About GDC

GDC is the economic vehicle through which the Gitxsan people will exercise their aboriginal rights to a 33,000 sq. km traditional area in northwest BC, as affirmed in the landmark Delgamuukw case (1997).

It is the holding company for Gitxsan enterprise and is governed by its board of directors. Its structure is unique to the business world, melding the traditional governance of the Gitxsan to the contemporary needs of global businesses.

About Brinkman

Brinkman is dedicated to managing forests in a holistic way, utilizing ecosystem based management techniques to integrate the multiple values that the forest ecosystem provides for people and the environment.

The Company is focused on providing these services to First Nation communities in northwestern and coastal British Columbia to develop capacity for forest based employment and economic opportunities.

With over one million hectares under management, Brinkman is able to provide a wealth of expertise and experience in sustainable forest management and economic development.

For further information:
Rick Connors, President and CEO
Email: Rick.Connors@me.com
Cell: 604 787-0603