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13 November 2002

Gitxsan Territority — Nov 13, 2002

Gitxsan Seasons, the quarterly newsletter of the Gitxsan Treaty Office, is now downloadable, in pdf format, from gitxsan.com.

Suu Dee (aka Yvonne Lattie) authors and contributes an article on "Wilps Gwininitxw". Gali Skalun offers "Gitxsan Basics". The Executive Director, Chief Negotiator, Legal Counsel, and Wtershed Coordinator update their portfolios.

Hardcopies available Saturday, November 16, 2002 and to be distributed through the Gitxsan band offices and off-reserve mailing list. Please email skalun@gitxsan.com or leave your name and address at 842-6780 if you wish to be included in the off-reserve hardcopy mailing list.

More information:
Gali Skalun
Gitxsan Treaty Office
1.250.842.6780 Local 309

Download file: Gitxsan Seasons - November 2002 Edition (in pdf format)